Trickr, or Humanising the Developers (Part 2)

Back for more, my wee little tin miners? As we say ’round these parts, Onwards!

But first thanks to Rafe, and Stephen for playing along.

[flickr_staff_buddy_icon name=mylesdgrant]
Testing on dev is for the unconfident.

Macbook Pro, Textmate, scp, Firefox, Firebug, ack, Quicksilver, iTerm, vi,

[flickr_staff_buddy_icon name=norby]
Norby, Ops Succubus
Sleep! What is it with you people and sleep?

  • Y!-issue MBP (upgraded to Leopard w/ spaces)
  • Terminal, ssh, Safari, Firefox, Nagios, vi
  • tunnels >> VPN, have more than one RSA key if you work remotely :)

[flickr_staff_buddy_icon name=laloyd]
Paul L, Roaming (not Roman) Yeti

MacBook Pro, JDK 1.6, IntelliJ Idea 7.03, iTerm, one reliable crazy Canadian-Russian.

[flickr_staff_buddy_icon name=schill]
Schill, Lil’ Javascript charmer
[ This space left intentionally blank ]

MBP, TextMate, A-grade (Fx/Safari/Opera) browsers, IE 6/7/8 + MS Script debugger via Parallels. GIMP for the odd image edit. Dell 24″.

Fun stuff: Beyerdynamic DT-880 headphones, iTunes + + SOMA FM for muzak. Finger rocket defense system. Grande dark roast in the AM.

[flickr_staff_buddy_icon name=sm]
Serguei, Ex-KGB Field Agent
Comments are lying, code tells the truth!

PC laptop. JDK 1.6, IntelliJ Idea 7.03, FAR manager, SecureCRT ssh client. kill, especially in its most radical form kill -9. And tail -f , I can watch logs for hours, it’s better than TV.

[flickr_staff_buddy_icon name=hitherto]
Simon, Totally bi(linguisticalated)
Um, no, that won’t work in French

  • MBP
  • Textmate
  • Firefox 3
  • Safari
  • Parallels (for testing in IE)
  • Apple Terminal
  • Apple Mail
  • Quicksilver

grep, vi, perl, dozens of bash shortcuts. and my personal favourite for code review : “cvs diff | mate”