Cal Henderson Tuesday

We’re taking a break from Kittens this week. Mainly because I’m on Paternity Leave (see Kitten Tuesday for details) and therefore don’t have all week at work to select a suitable kitten, and no-one else on the engineering team is kitten qualified enough.

So instead I give you our very own Cal Henderson (the fellow who has kept Flickr from crashing all these years) presenting at djangocon, on the subject of “Why I Hate Django”.

We don’t use Django here at Flickr (because Cal hates it of course) but we do do a lot of scaling, and not only does Cal give a bit of insight into scaling and how things work here at Flickr, but he also talks about kittens a bit, which is nice.

So if you have an hour to spare (and frankly if you work with the internets you probably do) this is worth a watch…

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