A Little About The Flickr Bike

A sum of its parts @ Yahoo! Video (for ppl using RSS readers)

Shanan’s been driving me insane riding the Flickr Bike around the office. If you don’t know about the Flickr Bike, in a nutshell we have 20 purple bikes tricked out with Nokia N95s geotagging photos and uploading them to Flickr (of course) as people cycle round, there’s a video (Flickr’s handlebar cameras) over on cnet, and a frankly awesome write up on Lifehacker.

This being the Dev Blog we’re interested in looking under the hood, to use an awful metaphor, and finding out how things work. Fortunately for us Josh wrote up a blog post last week, including links to source code and all that good stuff, meaning I can simple point to that, Huzzah for the internet!

Read techy stuff over at ~~> Coding a Networked Bike

If you’re more of a moving pictures with sounds than words person, then Lifehacker has 6 videos up that are worth a watch: The Making of the Flickr Bikes. The seconds one of which I included at the start of this blog post.

Oh and fyi, they’re Electra bikes painted #7B0099 (Pantone 2602 C).

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