A lil’ time with… Stephen


Who are you, and what do you?

I’m Stephen Woods and I’m a frontend engineer at Flickr. Along with the rest of our team I am responsible for the bits that make the UI work, which mostly means html, css and javascript. So I write code, but I also make sure the design of the site looks and works the way the designers want it to.

What hardware are you using?

In terms of computers I have 15″ MacBook Pro with a 24″ monitor, as well as the standard ipad and iphone. I don’t have a desktop anymore and I do any hacking or side projects on a slicehost image. I used to have a pretty large collection of random computers and desktops, but over the years I have really cut back on hardware, it just doesn’t seem necessary anymore. Like a lot of people here I also enjoy photography. I have a digital rebel xsi and a someone worse for wear 4×5 view camera, neither of which I use as much as I would like.

And what software?

I use TextMate (and sometimes vim) for coding. My development browser is mostly Safari, with Firefox/firebox for some things. I use Charles proxy a lot for HTTP debugging. VMWare fusion is indispensable. I have a portable hard drive with a little collection of VM images to test all the various browsers out there.

I am also completely dependent on Evernote. I use it for everything. Frequently I remember something I need to do or figure out a problem while lying in bed, so I just grab my ipad, write down my notes and they are on my laptop when I need them.

What would be your dream setup?

My dream setup would be the MacBook Pro with the good video so I could actually play games on it. Otherwise I am pretty much living the dream.