Trickr, or Humanising the Developers (Part 1)

We busy little nerds of Flickr may act and smell like a bunch of psychotic monkey-bots, but beneath our filth-drenched metal exteriors beat the fleshy hearts of a thousand delicate human flowers. We feel, we love.

Ever wondered what keeps us well-oiled? I did, so I asked people, “What do you use to get the job done?”

And this, my dubious friends, is how we (rick)roll.

[flickr_staff_buddy_icon name=straup]
Aaron, Ce sera mauvais français parce que j’ai utilisé l’Internet
You’re still wrong

  • Emacs (dired-mode and shell-mode and M-x goto-line)
  • Glimpse (and alias grep grep -n -r -e)
  • Tabs and virtual workspaces

[flickr_staff_buddy_icon name=bees]
Cal, Baconmeister
Fuck off and die

  • shitty pc laptop w/ xp pro
  • twin 20″ monitors
  • noted
  • explorer
  • ff & thunderbird
  • putty / pageant / plink
  • winscp
  • cygwin
  • msys & mingw
  • wireshark
  • paint shop pro 5
  • miranda
  • calc & chamap
  • tortoise cvs/svn
  • beyond compare
  • apache/mysql/php
  • ms office w/ visio
  • itunes

[flickr_staff_buddy_icon name=revdancatt]
Dan, The Rev.
I don’t do quotes

2 Machine setup;

MacBook Pro for writing code, TextWrangler (off-white Lucida Grande 11pt font on blue background, for reduced eye-strain), Safari & Opera for (final) testing.

PC for testing, with IE6,7,blah + MS Script debugger. Most testing takes place in Firefox + Firebug (cannot live without firebug). Monitor rotated 90 degrees to give Firebug more real estate for hacking around the dom, editing js script on the fly, etc.


[flickr_staff_buddy_icon name=dunstan]
Dunstan, He’s like, got a dog and stuff
Mistakenly included on the engineering mailing list for 505 days and counting

  • Macbook Pro
  • Textmate
  • Photoshop
  • Transmit
  • Safari
  • Firefox+Firebug
  • IE (in Parallels)
  • Quicksilver

[flickr_staff_buddy_icon name=eric]
Eric, Teenage Mutant Ninja Scripta
Please, just work

Powerbook, BBEdit, Perl scripts to manage scp+cvs+Flex+compression, Firefox w/ Firebug and Webdev toolbar, Flex 3 SDK, Terminal, nano, Parallels.

[flickr_staff_buddy_icon name=kellan]
Kellan, Rebellious off-worlder
I’d rather be building cloud castles

MBP, a hot-rodded version of Textmate, (what’s the Finder?), Thunderbird + keyconfig for threading and archiving, SSHKeychain, grep, awk, tree, QuickProxy for Firefox (2.x),,, Pandora, and Adium. used to use PHPfi, but less lately.

[flickr_staff_buddy_icon name=murphy_slaw]
Murphy, Secret ops mole
… –force –yes –quiet > /dev/null 2>&1

  • MacBook Pro
  • iTerm
  • vim, kill, screen, awk, rsync, mtr, nmap, strace, gdb
  • Wireshark
  • SSH Agent
  • Thunderbird + Enigmail
  • Firefox + Firebug + SwitchProxy + Nagios Checker
  • Adium
  • Caffeine
  • Home Zone

Coming soon: more responses!