Visualizing 4.5 years of Flickr development

We were impressed with Michael Ogawa’s code_swarm project, so were understandably excited when he made the source available (under the GPL v3). We sprang into action, avoiding the real work we were supposed to be doing and created some visualizations of the main Flickr subversion repository.

In this visualization, blue represents PHP, green is HTML, red is Java, purple is CSS and JavaScript, Cyan is Flash and ActionScript, with yellow filling in for everything else.

Myles took it a step further, using the tool to visualize our internal bug tracking system. In this movie, each node represents an issue, flashing red as it was opened, orange as it was assigned, blue as we argued about what to do and final green when it was resolved.

This required a little modification of the software to allow for states on nodes, so that the node color can change as the state changes. Myles has also been working on some modifications to improve upon the abrupt endings. New movies might get posted here if they’re awesome enough.

We’re hard at work (well, sort-of-work) thinking up new things to visualize and new ways to present the data. If you have some bright ideas, why not post them in the code forum.

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