100,000,000 geotagged photos (plus)

Over the weekend we broke the Hundred Million geotagged photos, actually 100,868,302 at last count, mark. If we remember that we passed the 3 billion photos recently and round the figure down a little that means (does calculations on fingers) that around 3.333% of photos have geo data, or one in every 30 photos that get uploaded.

In the last two and a half years there have been roughly as many geotagged photos as the total photos upload to Flickr in its first two years of existence.

Of those, around two thirds have public geotags and can be searched for on the map or via the API, and about 33 million have some level of private geotags.

Flickr: Explore everyone's photos on a Map

I should probably mention at this point that if you go directly to the map and click the dots icon in the top right that you’ll see a smaller number.

This is because we added a rolling upload-date to the initial search to return the most interesting photos in the last month or so, rather than always have the same (all-time) photos show up forever, possibly reinforcing their interestingness.

Anyway, not bad really.

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