Inspiration Tuesday

When I poke my head above my monitor at FlickrHQ, I can see a lot of headphones. Ever wonder what inspires us to write code (besides fried chicken sandwiches and cocktails)? Well I did a little snooping in the playlists of a few Flickreenos:


Zack in headphones

Top Tracks:

  • Fitz & The Tantrums – MoneyGrabber
  • Ear Infections mix – Goldenchyld
  • Live In San Diego – Goldenchyld
  • Little Birdy – Brother
  • Parliament – Red Hot Mama


Ross in headphones

Top Tracks:

  • David Gray – Flame Turns Blue
  • Kings of Convenience – Singing Softly to Me
  • Grizzly Bear – Southern Point
  • The Roots – The Next Movement
  • Iron & Wine – Jezebel


Trevor in headphones

Top Tracks:

  • Crawler – Cosmic Tide
  • Quest for Fire – Next to the Fire
  • Bison BC – Die of Devotion
  • Radiohead – Little by Little
  • DMX Krew – Do It All Nite


Scott in headphones

Top Tracks:

  • Wax Tailor – No Pity
  • Ray Charles – Eleanor Rigby
  • Steve Martin – How to Meet a Girl
  • KRS-One – MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know
  • Quantic – Snakes in the Grass

Dubious friendship

Oh, and I suppose I should share mine too:

•  Blueprint Car Crash – Gun Moll
•  Little Dragon – Come Home
•  Angus & Julia Stone – Black Crow
•  Plants and Animals – Celebration
•  of Montreal – Coquet Coquette


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Photos by waferbaby