Scott Schiller on Web Audio

We recently had a Flickr Frontend Night at BayJax, the Bay Area JavaScript group. We’ll be posting the videos from those talks over the next couple of weeks.

First up! Frontend Engineer, DJ, and all-around nice guy Scott Schiller, with his great talk on Web Audio.

Scott used impress.js to make his awesome slides (using HTML and CSS Transitions). If you want to dig deeper into Scott’s talk, there is the HD version on YouTube, slides, the Wheels of Steel demo, and the HTML5 game he created, SURVIVOR.

Big thanks to Gonzalo Cordero for organizing the event, and to Ryan Grove and Allen Rabinovich for their great work filming it.

On a side note, if you’re in Austin for SxSW next week, be sure to check out talks by Flickr’s own Eric Gelinas (Geo Interfaces for Actual Humans) and Stephen Woods (Creating Responsive HTML5 Touch Interfaces).

Thanks to for creating a Ukrainian translation of this post.