Stats API Redux

We’ve seen great uptake by library developers on supporting the new Stats APIs. Now we’d love to see what you’re building with those APIs.

PHPFlickr, Flickr.Net,, CFlickr, and flickcurl all have let us know they support the new APIs.

Poking around the App Garden I found flickrstats which provides a very interactive, and lovely timeline based visualization. (in the style of Google Finance). Are there other great examples? Let us know by adding them to the App Garden or telling us about them in the API Group.

June 1st.

And a reminder.

Historical stats data is only available until June 1st. After June 1st only the last 28 days of data will be available. If you want to archive that data we have the stats download page, and a new utility method flickr.stats.getCSVFiles (because I was too lazy to manually download those files, see programmer virtues).

statsdumper provides a couple of different methods to facilitate backing up all your stats data, but I’d love to hear about others.