First, there was filtr but that’s another story entirely. The point being that I gave up carrying around a capital-C camera a few years ago choosing instead to make do with cameraphones and the availability of cheap, unlimited data-plans in the U.S.

I am mostly lazy and can’t really be bothered to shuttle photos around from one device to another only to move them again to the giant device in the sky called Flickr. Before filtr I relied on the upload by email feature to snag a photo and quickly share it with the future-past but the desire to touch up — or filter — the photos before upload meant that I needed to write my own service to accept, process and then upload pictures to Flickr using the API.


Which is what I want to talk about. Sort of.

Read the rest of “FireDopplGängEaglr” for thoughts on FireEagle, Dopplr, place, and the DWIM engine.