Kitten Tuesday, ASCII Edition

Flickr Asciified - Nihilogic

Jason over at Nihilogic has a post up called Getting your ASCII on with Flickr

“You simply enter the search query of your choice and click the “Asciify” button. A request is then sent off to the Flickr server and any photos that match the query are returned. The image data is analyzed and turned into ASCII characters.”

Obviously I made a Kitten and you too can get flickrasciified over here.

Orginal Photo by pontman.

Kitten Tuesday – Office Hygiene Edition

Our very own frontend engineering, scrumjaxing Scott (tagged in our backend system as; "dj, flickr, javascript, super star") sez …

And for my next trick, a keyboard in the dishwasher!

"Correcting many months of breakfast bagel poppyseeds, crumbs and the occasional coffee drip; these things were sustainable events, but a beer spill was the thing that finally put it out of commission."

Setting aside the whole how do you get beer spilt into your office keyboard question* , Scott, if you’re going to clean your keyboard perhaps we should get one of these for the office instead …

Keyboard cleaning

… for a far more thorough solution?

Photos by .schill and Mrs eNil

* Answer, because that’s how we roll at flickrhq.

Kitten Tuesday

Last Tuesday our "sister" site had "other ideas " about what Kitten Tuesday means. With a positive plethora of photos and videos they go totally to town with kittens, and why the heck not?

If you’re into an excess of artistic bourgeoisie I guess, meanwhile, over here on the Dev blog, we’re all about simplicity, efficiency and optimization. Where Kitten Tuesday is just that, a Kitten on Tuesday, otherwise we may as well have Furry Friday Fiesta.

So without further ado, A reader writes:

"We’re loving Kitten Tuesdays. Any chance you could consider JJ for a future appearance?"

Why of course, here’s JJ …

Photo by Chubby Bat