Welcome to the Flickr DevBlog!

Congratulations, you’ve found Code.Flickr, our new developer community site, and our new DevBlog.

The DevBlog is being written by the Flickr developers for the larger Flickr development community. We’ll be covering changes to the API (look for a post covering video in the Flickr API soon), cool Flickr related projects we discover, writing tutorials on Flickr API methods, and most anything else which catches our whimsy. If you have something you like covered, you can let us know on [in this thread] in the Flickr API group.

Its also the place to keep up on Flickr;s open source projects like the new open source Uploadr 3.0.

A Quick Tour

Beyond the blog, we’ve also got forums, a ticket tracker and a public SVN repository.

And we’ve got rainbows! And gears!